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Like nothing you've ever experienced.

What is floating?

Imagine yourself, completely weightless, floating like a lily pad on water. As if laying on a cloud, in an almost zero-gravity state, the mind slowly dissolves into relaxation and tranquility. In the world of floating, there is nothing to do but be there, simply breathing and basking in quietude. Our float devices are specially designed to create a near zero-gravity state and limited sensory environment. These two characteristics create a unique space that allows our body and mind to rest, heal, and grow.

Why Float?

Floating has been clinically proven to provide a wide range of health benefits, and relieve many ailments -- especially stress, muscle tension, and pain. One study conducted in 2018 demonstrated floating regularly to be an effective method to relieve anxiety and depression, accompanied by “significant increases in serenity, relaxation, happiness and overall well-being." We have seen people use their float practices to help recover from all sorts of emotional and physical stresses of life, and in some cases, even adopt a float practice as an alternative to pharmaceutical medications for managing pain and anxiety! Whether you are seeking relief, physical recovery, or pure and simple relaxation, a float practice will deliver.

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide the Columbia area with a space to experience nothingness. Within this peaceful nothingness, we are able to rest and restore our minds and bodies to a deep state of calm. When you take a moment to remove all distractions in your life, you can expose layers of clarity, tranquility, relaxation, and creativity that you may have never noticed before. Every float can ease you into this place of stillness, which promotes recovery from stress, pain, fatigue, anxiety, and more. We have been deeply touched in our own lives by the many benefits of floating, and we are here to share those same benefits with you!

Float Devices

We have two different types of devices, each designed to meet different needs while still providing the same basic float environment. The depth, temperature, and salt content of the water are the same in both types. The only difference is in the size and shape of the devices. In either case, you are free to leave the lights on for as long or as little as you’d like, although we encourage everyone to turn them off to receive the full restorative effects of floating.

Dream Pod

The Dream Pod has a futuristic, sleek and womb-like design. Although it is the smaller of the two, it still provides ample space for most people to enjoy their float. The LED light built into the device is controlled by an air-pressurized button on the interior wall of the Pod.

Dream Cabin

The Dream Cabin is our larger flotation device, tall enough to stand up inside and long enough for even the tallest people to stretch out comfortably. While the Dream Pods can feel almost womb-like inside, floating in a Cabin often feels more like floating through outer space. The light offered in the Cabin is the same as in the pods (to turn it on press the button on the side wall).

Float Tips

Before you arrive:

Don't shave 8 hours before (salt can sting open cuts).

Nothing to bring but an open mind.

Everything you need is provided (towel, earplugs, shampoo, conditioner, and q-tips).

Swimsuit not necessary.

As little caffeine as possible before.

Light meal an hour before your float (suggested, but not necessary).

Arrive about 10 minutes before your float to get checked in and acquainted with the space.

Before your float:

You can enjoy some tea or water while you chat with a team member about the floating process.
When your float room is ready you will be taken back and will learn about what to do before and after your float.

After your float:

Feel free to hang out, read, chat, sip tea, and bask in your post-float glow.
Stay as long or as little as you'd like.


How warm is the water?

Around 93.5F, which is roughly the same temperature as your skin.

😌What if I feel overwhelmed?

You can open the door at anytime and can turn on the light in the device if you would like.

⏰How long before my appointment should I arrive?

We recommend arriving 20 minutes before your first appointment so that you can spend some time filling out some paperwork we have. Also we have books and other things to look at while you wait.

🧼 How clean is the water?

After each float we run the filtration system which will pump the water through a 10 micron mechanical filter for at least three cycles while utilizing the combination of hydrogen peroxide and UV, which helps remove potential pathogens from the water. We don't use bromine or chlorine since they can be harmful to your lungs in an enclosed enviornment.

What should I expect?

While each individual experience is different, it is best to not expect anything specific.

What if I'm menstruating?

Take the same precautions that you would take when going to a swimming pool.

🤰 What if I'm pregnant?

Always consult with your doctor first. Many pregnant women have claimed a greater sense of connection with their child during the float experience as well as relief from the constant pressure and strain on your body that growing a child can cause

🧂 How does the water keep me afloat?

There are at least 1,000lbs of epsom salt in each device which significantly increases the buoyancy and makes it nearly impossible for your whole body to fall below the surface of the water. You float with ease on your back. Also, if you fall asleep and roll over the salt water will get in your eyes and sting badly so you’ll wake up right away.

What if I’m claustrophobic?

This is a very common topic for first time customers. People that have had this worry going into their first float usually find that their sense of space is not bothered once inside the device with the lights off. If you ever feel uncomfortable you can simply turn on the lights, stand up, and get out of the device to collect yourself.

🔥💧Should I use the sauna before or after a float?

Either way works well. Some prefer to do the sauna before the float because it helps you relax. It’s helpful to take a cooler shower afterwards before the float so the float water doesn’t feel cold. Doing the sauna after a float is nice since the float water temp won’t feel affected by the sauna.

🛁 How are your float devices different from a bathtub?

It's actually much different. We have around 1,000 lbs of epsom salt in each of our devices (which makes you buoyant), the water temperature is skin receptor neutral, the devices are large enough to not touch the sides, and there is limited light and sound. Being in this sensory neutral environment allows your body and mind to truly relax and these effects can be carried into your everyday life sometimes days or weeks after the float!

🧒 Is there an age limit?

We don’t have a age limit but we do require minors under the age of 18 to have a parent co-sign the waiver. Typically under the age of 9 we’d recommend you be present with them in the room while they float.

😴 What if I fall asleep?

This is perfectly okay and many people do fall asleep. Many say it can be a very restorative and restful sleep.

Is there a weight/height limit?

We’ve heard of people up to 450lbs floating comfortably in our devices. As far as height goes we’ve had many people float who are 6’3” or taller but if size is a concern we’d recommend our cabin as it’s more spacious (about 5 feet wide and 8 feet long).

Do you offer couples floating?

We don’t offer “couples floats” but you can both float at the same time in different devices. You can however use the sauna at the same time.

😌 What level of control do I have over the float device/room?

You have complete control over the environment. Private room to yourself, can play music while floating, light on/off, get in and out at anytime, leave the lid/door open or closed, whatever is most comfortable for you.

The Team

We started this business because we have a passion and drive to bring the benefits of floating to the city of Columbia, a place that we love and call home. Clarity Float Spa is not just a place to float, but a community where you can feel at home even when you're not floating.


Connor found out about floating back in 2012 when he was in Kansas visiting his cousin. He was immediately intrigued and booked a float at the Spa at Briarcliff. The next year when he was on vacation in Chicago he booked two more floats. After his 3rd experience he realized this was definitely something he wanted to make a part of his life.

He had this idea of starting a float center when he was at Mizzou finishing his IT degree. Around this time Connor was going through a transition in his life, moving away from ways to escape and instead towards ways to accept life as it is. Over the next few years he found peace in meditation and attended multiple 10 day silent meditation retreats. On these retreats he started picturing what it would be like to own his own float device. This further encouraged him to follow his passion of starting a float center.

After he graduated from Mizzou he started working at Veterans United as a web developer and bought a Zen Float Tent for at home floating. He started looking for spaces to open a float center here in Columbia and came across Noah who was using the same realtor. Realizing they shared similar values and ideas about what a float center should be, they decided that opening a float center together would be the most sensible/logical thing to do.


Always aspiring to get the most out of life, Noah found floating to be the perfect tool for sensory reset and introspection. With constant sensory overload in our everyday lives from phones, computers, TV, etc., being able to jump into a float device and truly rest your mind and body was very enticing to him.

After Noah’s first float, he was hooked! Pondering the installation of a personal device in his home, Noah decided to look into bringing his passion for floating to central Missouri by opening his very own float center. A few months later he was on a plane flying out to Portland to go through a three day apprenticeship program with one of the most successful float shops in the country.

Absorbing an immense amount of knowledge over those three glorious days in Portland, Noah began implementing his dream when he met Connor. Since then, they have eagerly been setting plans in motion to open the doors to what they believe to be the ideal shop for the floating experience. After living in Columbia for most of his life and getting so much out of the great experiences this community has to offer, Noah is thrilled to bring his passion for floating to the Columbia area to share with as many people as possible.

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In 2014, Zac was led to floating in a way similar to many others; after years of struggling with generalized anxiety, a panicked, “best ways to treat anxiety” Google search ensued. After hastily scrounging through all of the Buzzfeed-esque self-help articles, it seemed as though he had finally found what he was looking for: an environment which minimizes all external stimuli, truly allowing him to dive deep into his mind in order to gain a better understanding of its anxious machinations. He knew as soon as the concept was introduced to him that floating was going to be a part of his life one way or another, he just didn’t quite know how (or when).

Zac joined the Clarity team in May 2019. When he saw the opportunity to get involved, he jumped at the chance, not only eager to hop in the float device, but also eager to begin working with the Clarity team to aid in their mission to bring floating to the community here in Columbia. He still struggles with anxiety, but also celebrates his triumphs in its moments of defeat after a long mental health journey.

Once he was acquainted with the float device, he quickly realized that there is much more to floating than anxiety relief. He discovered an opportunity to be wholly analytically introspective, allowing immense positive personal growth thus far. Floating for him has been a veritable multi-tool for personal care, and he looks forward to seeing how his float practice grows with him.

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Anna first stumbled upon floating when she read an article about it online. She was intrigued by the thought of pure tranquility in an atypical environment. When she made the move to Columbia for college she found Clarity Float Spa and had the opportunity to try it out. After floating a few times she understood the major benefits one can take away from a float. Anna has started to establish a floating practice of her own that helps her to relax, reduce stress, and gain clearness of her life.

Floating is especially helpful for Anna in the midst of her school work. It serves as a place she can decompress and refresh her mind during the semester. She is working on her bachelor's degree in biology with hopes of continuing to medical school. She has a long road ahead of her but takes every new challenge day by day. She is excited to learn more about floating and see what long term benefits will prevail as she continues her float practice.

Outside of Clarity and school, Anna enjoys any outdoor adventure. Hiking and kayaking with friends and family are two of her favorites. She has a passion to help individuals and hopes to one day make that impact through the medical field. But for now, she is dedicated to helping others improve their lives— one float at a time.

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Jenna was introduced to floating in 2017 by a friend who worked for Clarity at the time. Her first float took her by surprise. Unfamiliar with the concept, she went in without any prior research or expectations. In the tank for that first time, surrounded by warmth, quiet, and the novel sensation of effortless buoyancy, she fell into a level of relaxation never before experienced. There was no pain, discomfort, or anxiety. Time became irrelevant. Floating in the quiet dark all alone, Jenna marveled at the peace and presence she felt. For the first time in a long time, she was having a truly and completely new experience.

Jenna has deeply enjoyed her time at Clarity. Caretaking the harmony and sense of community amongst the team has been her favorite responsibility thus far. Jenna strongly values the unique and individual strengths each team member brings to the space, and finds great joy in ensuring everyone feels seen, respected, and cherished.

Jenna continues to regularly float and sauna as a part of her wellness practice. Apart from these, she currently enjoys living life to the fullest with friends and loved ones. Aerial arts, dancing, reading, movie nights, yoga, and traveling are just some of her preferred activities outside of work.

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Ashley learned about Clarity her freshman year of college at Mizzou. It was 2020 and due to the pandemic, Ashley’s Spanish class had a limited number of students. Anna happened to be one of those students and the two were some of the only ones that would actually attend every class! Anna one day talked about how much she loved working at Clarity and Ashley was amazed with the idea of floating which she had never heard of before. She jokingly asked, “Are they hiring?”. To her surprise, Clarity in fact was hiring! After trying out floating and meeting the Clarity team, Ashley fell in love with the place and began her float journey which has immensely added peace and relief from anxiety to her life.

Ashley is double majoring in Film Production and Communication with minors in Digital Storytelling and IT. With this heavy course load and busy schedule, Ashley likes to float as a way to relax, reconnect with herself, and to ease anxiety that she has been working to overcome her whole life. Ashley also finds that floating has allowed her to explore her subconscious mind and expand her creativity which is important to her and her success in her majors.

Since working at Clarity, Ashley has been able to gain key experience in her areas of study becoming Clarity’s go-to videographer and a part of the email marketing team. Outside of Clarity, Ashley is very passionate about the environment and social movements. She enjoys vegetarian cooking, spending time with her friends and family, and filmmaking. Ashley wishes to make an impact on the world by going into a career within the media field to increase the positive effects of media, expand media literacy in audiences, and better the portrayal of certain groups and issues in the media like body positivity and mental health.


Kiley had first heard about floating quite some time ago, but never felt like she was ready to give it a try. She figured she had other things to focus on at the time. Recently, however, She drove by the Clarity sign and felt called to find a way to be involved. Kiley has deeply wanted a career change to something that she could truly be passionate about. She reached out and the rest is now history. Kiley has been with the Clarity team since January 2022.

After floating for the first time, Kiley knew it was going to be something she wanted to keep in her routine. Setting aside an hour just to be with herself and whatever thoughts arise is very important for her. The world is a very busy and distracting place these days, and floating allows Kiley to have a much-needed break. She has found every float to be different, and yet each one gives her what she needs that day. She says that it is exciting to think of all the floats she will have in the future, for the benefits never end! The peace of mind a float brings stays with us, and also reminds us that we can come back to that peace at any time.

In Kiley’s free time, she enjoys being outside, practicing yoga, and listening to music. She enjoys art in any form, but photography is definitely her favorite. She feels her hobbies are what allows her to feel connected to the earth, and in turn herself. She also enjoys reading, working with plants, and playing with her dog, Zen.


Claire’s relationship with floating started when she became a part of the Clarity family. She started working at Clarity in search of a work environment that would be more positive and peaceful. Clarity was the perfect solution for her and has allowed her to finally work somewhere that she really loves and feels passionate about.

Claire uses floating to help manage her anxiety, as well as to expand her meditation practice. She floats multiple times a week and finds it to be a really beneficial part of her wellness routine and loves to pair it with yoga and hydromassage. Her favorite thing about floating it that it is a time set aside for her to be with her own thoughts and feelings, and to reconnect the three levels of self, mind, body, and spirit.

Outside of the tank, Claire likes to spend time with her dogs. She loves to be in nature and is an avid kayaker. Claire also really enjoys reading, journaling, crocheting, and going for walks. She is passionate about wellness and spiritual growth and is happy to be able to use floating to expand that it in her life, as well as to share it with others.


Parker first discovered float therapy in 2018 due to a sports injury in his knee. While trying to find ways to avoid surgery and to help with a speedy recovery, his family heard about Clarity and immediately booked an appointment for him to try it out. What made him keep coming back, however, was the quiet time that allowed him to meditate and de-stress, which was a treasure in itself.

After discovering float therapy, Parker continued to visit Clarity to reset and temporarily forget about the outside world. This kind of experience was nearly impossible to find anywhere else. The unique atmosphere at Clarity made it feel like a safe space every time he visited. After years of floating, Parker joined the Clarity team in the spring of 2023.

When Parker isn't floating, he enjoys spending time with his miniature poodle, Ollie, learning new recipes, and meditating. Parker is an avid cook and believes he can improve his mental health through a healthier lifestyle, which starts with eating. Music is also important to Parker, as he is constantly searching for new songs to craft playlists, whether they're for floating or running. Parker is dedicated to mental well-being and customer service and is always more than happy to have a conversation about something new.


Heather began floating after searching for stress relief as her job became increasingly demanding. It took over a year of consideration before she was able to put her claustrophobia aside. During her first float she didn't feel as if she were in an enclosure at all, but floating in endless space. It was a sensation and freedom completely new and unexpected.

After several floats helped Heather regain her confidence she realized it was time to quit her stressful job. Just as the notice was sent, another email arrived announcing Clarity was hiring. Because Heather has always been a believer in this kind of fate, she applied for the position and met the team. From her perspective it was an instant fit.

Heather also pursues wellness with yoga, swimming, nature walks, weight training and healthy recipes. She lives in Jefferson City with her partner of many years and their five cats. They spend most of their time making music, dancing, and snuggling with cats.

Infrared Sauna

Why do we offer Infrared Sauna?

In October 2019 we expanded our wellness services to include a Cedar Infrared Sauna. We chose infrared heat therapy over a traditional sauna because the infrared heat is able to penetrate deeper into the body than hot air or steam, allowing for deeper detoxification and more health benefits. Better yet, infrared saunas achieve this effect at only 120-140F, whereas traditional saunas run between 180-210F. With adequate hydration a person can safely tolerate infrared heat levels for up to 40 minutes. Our sauna uses nano-carbon heaters, which have been tested and shown to produce little-to-no EMFs.

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Infrared Heat Therapy Benefits Include:

  • mental wellbeing[1]
  • detoxification[2]
  • cardiovascular health[3]
  • mental focus and attention span[4]
  • increasing cognition/memory[5]
  • improved circulation[6]
  • increased longevity[7]
  • see full explanations of above benefits[here]


A growing body of research supports the health benefits of massage therapy to reduce stress, boost mental health and wellness, manage pain, and increase range of motion. Massage can help reduce muscle tension, improve exercise performance, and prevent injuries. It can also help improve mood and reset circadian rhythms, which can lead to better sleep and more energy. Floating before a massage helps maximize these benefits, just as getting a massage immediately before floating maximizes the benefits of the float! For these reasons, we are now offering this powerful wellness combo here at Clarity Float Spa.

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90 minute float: $89

60 minute float: $69

40 minute infrared sauna: $49

60 minute massage: $89

90 minute massage: $119

90 minute float membership: $59 per month

Additional floats (just for you) are only $49

60 minute float membership: $49 per month

Additional floats (just for you) are only $39

Sauna membership: $29 per month

Additional sauna sessions (just for you) are only $19

60 minute massage membership: $69 per month

90 minute massage membership: $99 per month

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Thursday-Monday: 9am-10pm

Note: these hours are dependent on bookings. On the occasion that we have no scheduled appointments, our hours of operation may be shortened accordingly.

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Float Benefits Include:

  • improved sleep quality and athletic performance recovery[1]
  • decreased pain, stress, anxiety, and depression. Increased sleep quality, optimism, prolactin[2]
  • lowered blood pressure and cortisol levels, improved wellbeing and physiological performance[3]
  • significant pain relief[4]
  • reduced anxiety and depression[5]
  • reduced anxiety and depression, improved sleep[6]
  • reduced anxiety, increased relaxation and serenity[7]

Massage Benefits Include:

  • less pain, depression, anxiety, and sleep disturbance[1]
  • facilitating growth, reducing pain, increasing alertness, diminishing depression, enhancing immune function[2]
  • less pain, more migranine/headache-free days, fewer sleep disturbances, increase in basal serotonin levels.[3]
  • faster recovery after exercise for fatigued muscle groups[4]

Infrared Heat Therapy Benefits Include:

  • mental wellbeing[1]
  • detoxification[2]
  • cardiovascular health[3]
  • mental focus and attention span[4]
  • increasing cognition/memory[5]
  • improved circulation[6]
  • increased longevity[7]
  • see full explanations of above benefits[here]

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